Roadside Assistance & Accidents

Accident Recovery:

If you are involved in an accident, it is your decision to request any towing company you prefer. We can tow your vehicle to our storage lot and hold it for your insurance company to appraise. The cost can be charged to your insurance company to eliminate out of pocket expenses to you.


It is never a good time to have car problems, but we are just a phone call away when it happens. Whether you are at home, work or on the side of the highway, we will respond quickly. Our friendly dispatchers will dispatch a flatbed or wheellift wrecker to assist you. Our drivers are trained with the latest towing technology to insure a safe transport of your vehicle. If you are stranded with your vehicle, you may ride in our truck to the towing destination.


If you leave your lights on or your battery just fails you, you may not need to be towed. We also can jumpstart your vehicle to get you back on the road quicker. Our drivers are equipped with heavy duty jumper cables to insure no damage to your charging system.

Flat Tire Replacement:

A flat tire can leave you stranded in a minutes notice. Our operators can remove your flat tire and install your spare tire in order for you to get back on the road. Most vehicles are equipped with a smaller tire that is to be used only on a temporary basis. This is not a great repair but will get you rolling quicker.

Key Lockouts:

Sometimes in the rush of the moment, we all forget our keys and lock our doors. This can be very frustrating especially if something is locked inside. Due to the possible damage that can be caused to the locking mechanism or to the airbags, we do not perform this service ourselves. We suggest that you use a professional locksmith that is equipped with better tools to open your door safely. We can assist you with this with our preferred locksmith and have him dispatched to you.

Abandoned or Illegally Parked Vehicles:

Unwanted vehicles sometimes just show up on your property. We can assist you with the removal of these vehicles. We service apartment communities, commercial businesses, condominium communities and residents for this service. We will provide “No Parking” signs at no cost to you to post on your property and “Warning” stickers to notify the vehicles owners. There are very strict guidelines on this service, and we make sure we follow those guidelines very close.

Long Distant Towing:

If you are traveling to another city or get caught out of town on vacation, don’t worry, we can still come and get you. We are ICC licensed and insured for 48 states. Near or far, we can take care of your breakdown.

Vehicle Storage:

If you are running out of room to store your vehicles at your house or need to store it for other reasons, we have the lot for you. Our facility is a 22’ block wall, equipped with razor wire, barbwire, and a 24 hour video surveillance system to insure your vehicle and its belongings are safe. For your more prized possessions, we offer inside storage as well.

Automobile Auctions:

When vehicles are not redeemed by their owners, we began a process required by law to sell the vehicle. We handle each step of that process which allows the new buyer to get a clear title and drive the vehicle. This is a great opportunity for people to get a good inexpensive vehicle as a spare vehicle. Our sells are open to the public and are usually held once a month. Our staff usually has the date of the sell near the middle of the month.