We strive to be the Best Wrecker Service in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.  Bailey’s Wrecker Service and Towing Company is happy to list some of the comments we receive from our customers who call us when they are in need of Emergency Towing and Wrecker Services.

Hi Maggie,

I want to thank you for phone call last night and helping me arrange a tow from Nashville to Hazel Green. I am from Boston, MA and never did I receive the professionalism and being a first time caller, you treated me like I was a regular customer. I have not experienced this kind of service in Boston. Your driver today, Eric, was wonderful/professional/courteous and looked like he enjoyed his job.

When I called today to notify your company that I was ready for the tow
truck, the person who answered the phone was very aware of my needs and he was also wonderful/professional/courteous.

Again, thank you. You/your company have taken away the stress of trying to figure out how to get the car home to Hazel Green.

Hazel Green, Alabama
June 2013

I just returned inside after receiving excellent, first-class service from one of your drivers, Randy.  My husband left to go to work this morning on a mission (he is a Hospice Chaplain and just learned of a patient death) and the car would not start.  He had to take our second vehicle.  He called to let me know that he had called the fleet service that takes care of the company’s vehicles, and that a tow truck was on it’s way.  I had just had cancer surgery, so I was at home recuperating.  I met Randy downstairs by the car, and he immediately opened the hood and spotted the problem…a badly corroded battery terminal.  He took care of the situation, and by the time my husband arrived, our “crisis” was averted.  We did not have to deal with having the car towed somewhere, and then have to figure out how to get my husband back to the second car, since I cannot drive yet.  Randy was a true God-send, and I appreciate his extra care and service.  I understand he has been with your company for 8 years.  Well, you better keep him and hire  more people like him.  I will highly recommend Randy and Bailey’s Wrecker Service.

Nashville, Tennessee
March 2013